TRIBUTE to Peter Edward Rateer

TRIBUTE to Peter Edward Rateer

Basic information

Released:    October 6 2007
Label:           Shotgun Com.
Length:        43:40


This was the time of many changes. In autumn of 2006 I first met my future first girlfriend, Rosie Thompson. It was a love at first sight, I just didn't realize back then. Let me go is a song about this, she was literally "sleeping with my friend and ruffling my hair at the same time". But then I revealed myself to her and it somehow worked out pretty well (even though I didn't believe it might last, as you can hear in Wonderful hour in my day).

And really, one day, I was told that she did leave me (not by her, in fact) for the same "my friend" mentioned above and also mentioned in 6th October - she had her birthday that day, we could have really been together for a year that day but then there was this "pigfucker from next door". Devastated, I sat and cried in a shopping centre and wrote Return to me. To cheer me up, my friends offered me pot, this is what Behind the wall is really about - even though the title itself and the very first line comes from a statement George D. Bluse made after first smoking salvia divinorum.

Track listing:

1. Leaving it here (3:33)
2 .Let me go (3:28)
3. The graveyard (4:10)
4. Broccoli song (1:00)
5. The girl next door (4:08)
6. When I'm gone (3:29)
7. Virgin suicide (4:09)
8. Wonderful hour in my day (3:04)
9. Kateřina Hmollová / Tibet (1:24)
10. Hallelujah (4:11)
11. Carpenter (2:33)
12. Return to me (3:54)
13. 6th October (2:39)
14. Behind the wall (2:56)


Another year passed but heavy pop prevailed (even though in decay). Peter Rateer taught me how to record (more) properly, as heard in Let me go (still nothing special, I know). I started experimenting with synthesisers and programmed drums. TRIBUTE also features Rateer himself on lead guitar in tracks 6 and 11 - 14. The second half of the album was recorded and finished with a great deal of contribution by Peter Rateer and George D. Bluse and they really pushed the sound a huge step foward. You can also hear influence of Petr Ficenec in tracks 3 and 9.

Rejected song:

Some of the songs written in 2007 didn't make it to the album. Some of them just weren't that good and some of them were already done earlier. There is also the Alternate TRIBUTE to Peter Edward Rateer with following listing: 1. Leaving it here (P. Ficenec remix), 2. Let me go (Decade NT mix), 3. The graveyard, 4. Every single (Me and you), 5. The girl next door, 6. When I'm gone (pre-mix), 7. Virgin suicide (outtake), 8. Wonderful hour in my day (P. Ficenec remix), 9. Don't wanna spoil the party (yes, the Beatle stuff), 10. Macca-like song, 11. Carpenter (alternate take), 12. Return to me (P. Ficenec remix), 13. Behind the wall (demo).


The cover was painted by a friend of mine, she also made the illustrations for some of the tracks on this album. Leaving it here's melody is probably the very first I've ever come up with and it's lyrics are highly influenced by Percy B. Shelley's Ode to the west wind. There was originally a proto-song featuring parts of Heartcore, Virgin Suicide and The graveyard - these later evolved into separate songs. The graveyard is also the last song about Mary Sue before meeting Rosie. Carpenter is one of the works of steal - the main riff is taken from Dizzy Miss Lizzie and the lyrics "I really wasn't sure / when I knocked at her door" were inspired by Queen's I want to break free.