About meself

I'm a pop composer which makes me music likable, nevertheless, I try to keep it very artistic which sets it to somewhere between art rock and synthpop. I personally call it heavypop.

Early age

So you wanna know something more? I was born in 1991 in Prague (raised there and still living here). I went to several schools, a school choir (we sang at the Prague Castle and I also had my solo in a church!) but it wasn't until my thirteen when I got my first guitar. It was just an acoustic guitar of disputable qualities but hey, free guitar! I started writing song right after (I already knew sumthin, y'know). It wasn't that difficult because I was deeply in love with a girl who didn't want me. I guess I must have written around a hundred song in 2004 and around fifty the following year.


Then I got better equipment (first custom made electric guitar we nicknamed Sprucocaster because the wood was so waxy we could draw pictures into it, then a hollow body Stagg rebuild into Volf ES-154) and started recording in 2005 (a compilation of some twenty song written that year was called simply Session 2oo5). Still In love with the girl before, in 2006 I discovered stereo and reverb and recorded Home Alone, my first actual album that I offered my friends. That year I also got my Jolana bass (a custom again) and my lovely Hartke VX3500 because...

The Blaue Erdbeere?

By then I had a band called The Blaue Erdbeere? (earlier aka Boneshakers). It was formed in 2004 as a 60s and 70s revival band (back then, we knew a lot, Beatles, Ramones, Sex Pistols, Judas Priest, Frank Sinatra...) We never really broke up though there are really only me nad Peter Rateer today and we collaborate just a couple of times a year. There has been quite a lot told about the band, many, shitloads of band memeber, that would be another website's worth writing.


In 2007 I had my first girlfriend so I recorded a rather hippie album (also Influenced by pot we smoked) TRIBUTE to Peter Edward Rateer. It's sound was higly influenced by my new 12-string acoustic Harley Benton. After the cruel sobering up (and a break up also) I made The Vinyl - Story and later an even darker album A touch of ultimate pleasure. People around me seemed to think I've had enough guitars so I got myself a harmonium and a used Epiphone Les Paul (because fifty quid, why not?). Now I need to buy a new acoustic one, probably a Hummingbird.

And contemporarily...

My latest album was called Handfuls of character (quite a long story behind this word play) which isn't very pop in its nature but it's a dance compatible record. In February 2011 I will be releasing a compilation called TRIBUTE II (this time to the Beatles - I even bought a Höfner bass because of it) and some months later there will be another regular album (working title Emodisc - seems like I will have to buy a Thunderbird bass...). Of course, there are many things I would like to do. There are still many songs I wish to cover, there are still some instruments I haven't bought...