The Girl Next Door

The girl lives next door round the corner in my street
She winks at me and waves her hand when we meet
For it has been a long time since she’s said goodbye
I still can’t forsake the world in my mind
I’ll always remember the color of my dream.
My big troubles I can make a bit smaller
And with heels I’ll look a little bit taller
And narrow I can broaden I can make things better then they seem.

But as from today I got treasure from the skies.
And when it’s raining I’ve got feeling like the Venus cries.
Oh, when the Sun shines down on me
The world becomes such a wonderful place to be
I know I won’t be happy until here comes the storm.
I’m sitting under trees, hoping to be kissed
Searching for fun any moment can’t be missed
I surely waited for you since the moment I’ve been born.

Will she help me when I call?
Will she catch me when I fall?
I really feared for my life.
But now I’m standing on my feet
Looking forward to the day we’ll meet.
So till we have some time
Tell me you are mine and I’m
Only yours.