Wonderful Hour In My Day

Why does she look still so unhappy?
Well, she claims the opposite is true?
Says she’ll never leave me
Someday she’ll got to do it anyway

So scared of things in future
Afraid that I will fail
So I hope she’ll make to me
another wonderful hour in my day

In the temple of god
In the middle of the road
Anywhere, anyhow, anytime
All for you from the poor me
So that now you will see what I do
When I’ve got no rhyme

Turn your face towards the sun
(I’ll tear my jacket to little pieces)
Sing my song and we can go on
(no memories left to read)
Until the Moon starts to shine
It’ll be a wonderful hour in my day

So now I guess you know I love you
(all I wanna think of is just you)
Because I tell the world I do
(all the girls around they are gonna fade)
But will she still love me so
When I come to her and start to say

I really need you into my life
After the graveyard I need some light
I love you and thank you baby
It was a wonderful hour in my day