I need a mistress

13/12/2012 23:03

But seriously, I need one. I need a mistress (read lyrics here) is a song I wrote about a year ago when I felt that I and my girlfriend were sliding into stereotype (I really think I already used these words somewhere earlier). At that time, I thought 'Hell, if I had a mistress, how easy everything would be!' Ironically, she suspected me of cheating on her with a couple of girls and I, foolishly, stayed faithful even after these accusations. I remember watching a film where the main protagonist seduced women and spent a mere one night with them just smoking and drinking and having fun and that was it. He only needed to live a vivid life which his wife wasn't able to fulfill, that is what I imprinted into the second verse. And that's all for now, Misfortune Teller will be released in a day so expect an in-depth analysis of the album soon.


I need a mistress from Johnny Midgey on Vimeo.