I need a mistress

I need a mistress so bad
I need a mistress, take that
I need a mistress to hold her in my arms

I'm a boyfriend of a girl
I don't lie to but I wish I did
Such a young man need nothing
but a grown up woman, not a kid

In the evening I put on
the most expensive suit I've got
the price awaiting if you're a winner
but you have to spend an awful lot


Is it cheating if you're stuck
in an infinite pursuit of love?
With one million greedy stares
which throttle me and sting on my scruff

There's enough space in my heart
for all the girls' names you can think
No calm harbour in disjointedness
to berth my ship of daydreaming

Waiter, mercy, can't you secretly
send a flyer with a hint to me
with a number of the table where she sits?
'Cause there's nothing better than a pair
of lovely little tits, ooh yeah

I need a mistress...