It's been eight months and I still haven't got over
I want her back, back to my little nest
Never will I forget how I laid her down in clover
she took me by the hand, she did not protest

oh, whiskey, back then it must've smelt like meadows
and the tension vanished, feelings did grow
all the people in the all surrounding past, they seemed to me like shadows
and I let her go

One day we kissed on a bridge of hundreds
with our hands beneath the clothes of the other one
twas so cold and the distatnt sound of thunders
I dare say that the fear was completely gone

Oh baby, I was coming back to you

If her body was an unknown music
a perfect harmony was just found
there was no way I could ever misuse it
she kissed my chest as we lay on the ground

I was fondling her belly and I felt like in the movies
I yearned for it for years and I wanted to play
she told me to wait to prove that I loved her truly
how foolish I was! This wasn't a game

These feelings are endangered but they won't weaken
she loved the way I kissed her neck on the side
sometimes I get to meet her on weekends
and when I embrace her I admire the sight

Oh baby, I'll be coming back to you