Session 2oo5

Basic information

Released: November 2005
Label:        Shotgun Com. Ltd., under license to EMI Records
Length:     62:28

Track listing

1. The Community centre of Mother Theresa (2:54)
2. She is happy II. (3:00)
3. I'm only sleeping (3:00)
4. For you (1:28)
5. Speech one day before the first school day (4:57)
6. The Indian tune (4:40)
7. The Invisible Sex (5:30)
8. Nový začátek (4:22)
9. We are (6:00)
10. Why do you do this to me? (3:00)
11. Balada o smutném letadélku (3:36)
12. Guess who? (3:27)
13. Rosemary can't feel me beside (3:40)
14. He who cries last cries longest (4:14)
15. Tear of the ocean (4:28)
16. I dream about you (4:02)

Historical background

In my life, nothing ever happened, or at least during that year. It took me nearly half a year to finish one of the older songs, She’s happy, that I started writing on the summer camp, where Adri was written. I don’t even remember why I have written some of my best songs, with The Invisible Sex in the lead.

In the band, I started playing bass. From the beginnig I was like „come on, guys, noone want to play bass“ but then I realised that there was no place for me as a guitar player (there were two already, and better) so if I wanted to stay I had to play bass. Today, I don’t regret, it’s actually the other way round, I’m very glad for the opportunity it gave me because there is never enough bass players, so I’m kinda needed.

We were also searching for a new drummer. Actually, we were searching for any drummer, as we got so upset with the former one, we forced him to leave the band.

About recording

The most significant thing I’ve brought up to Session 2005 is stereo sound. As I said, multitracking was introduced in It would take some time for the first time, but it hasn’t been until She’s happy when I stated recording in stereo. This is what I say about my version of I’m only sleeping in Good day: „Somewhere during the digitalisation of expressing my artistic self an error occured and that’s why the song sound the way it does. This ‚tin‘ sound is on the other hand quite uncommon and is an interesting highlight otherwise difficultly listenable album which is so incoherent due to the never ending experiments and finding a truely good sound (that I found after another two years all the same).“

There’s also a song called Guess who. As I said, it stood me right in front of the gate of heavy pop which is described as „music taught by a demon which ate me alive – whole lotta reverb and echo, guitar with total lack of any treble and presence, often rhythm changes a nice and depressive lyrics“.

About composing

There is one song that I would like to mention on this album. It’s called Nový začátek which means „a new beginning“. I’ve written that with with Evan, the friend of mine I talked about before. It belongs to only five songs I’ve ever written in Czech but the more important thing is the way the lyrics are written. It was (and probably still is) very characteristic for Evan to write epic lyrics, so it’s rather obvious I didn’t do much work on it. What I like about it is also the similarity to Virgin Suicide, a song also co-written with Evan.

In the mid summer, I and Berger composed (but Rateer participated as well, exceptionally) Gonna see it, baby. In the lyrics of this song, my „mother cult“ is exposed for the first time, even though it was not my mother I was not talking about. And when we’re talking about all the cults, there is another one that debuts on this album, it’s my – even more famous – home cult, expressed in I dream about you.