Selfish War

I've known a girl who could sing through the whole night
sang with no words and she danced on the air
Her lips had the colour of roses the most wild
breeze of the wrong decision played with her hair

Life can show us that we can find a way
Love can tell us it is here just to stay
Here it'll wait one more day
for me and you

Meanwhile clouds have gone but the moon's hard to see
I don't know what's worse for you, me or my fame?
Our aching hearts coaxing you out of leaving me
so fuck the feelings, fuck the tears, I love you all the same

If you don't want me to be sleeping at your door
I'll visit your mother and thank her for all
All of my gratitude I don't have anymore
All of my dignity lost in this selfish war

I'm listening to the heartthrob in my chest
I'm counting minutes of the night that never ends
No results returned though I really tried my best
Let my soul rest in this place where it to sleep tends