Meth Romance

All his life he's been praing for this girl
to teach him all these things
and all his life he's been waiting for this girl
to fly on his broken wings
and till that day he's been wondering
if it is what it seems
well till that day he's been so curious
if it is like in his dreams
and then they met and then they saw
that something was in the air

Days have passed and autumn's come
and they gave their first kiss
it made them sure, the power of push
they could grind down sand with fists
he could move the world, she could tear the sky
like her reason, like his heart
but they could hardly change society
being rigid and being so smart
so they sat and talked of things
and tried not to take on so

Tear were cried, blood exchanged
but still it couldn't satisfy
love's gone off, all went wrong
yet no mistakes to rectify
the headmaster said at the end of the day
go home, it's the death of the art
she was the teacher and he was the boy
the lesson ended before it's start
and when they see they kiss no more
maybe little subtle blink of an eye