Handfuls of Character

Please, call me your boyfriend, because we need to talk
he said he liked my compositions away
they say he's quite smart so he might listen to me
and you should be interested; I don't say this everyday

She's a gemstone a pearl
the most precious on earth
she's got the most beautiful legs in the world
She's a gemstone a pearl
but she won't spare me a word
my friend, I'm in love with your girl

But she's got handfuls of chacarter
and the smile that most boys cannot resist
oh these handfuls of character
the feeling of inevitable failure persists
oh hell! She's so beauteous!
But my hand are like shovel
and I don't want to hurt her

Do you do this to me out of spite? Does it make you feel good?
The thought is gnawing at my brain over and over again.
It makes my wasted heart wish you only understood.
I'm so dizzy, so I smile but she just thinks that I'm insane.

Today I saw her walking through the park... oh what a perfection!
I tried to look like nothing was up but she must have seen
she's something like Mecca (Macca?) for me - object of my affection
Finally found someone who can relieve me of my self-esteem.