A Touch of Ultimate Pleasure

A Touch of Ultimate Pleasure

Basic information

Released: June 21, 2009
Label:        Shotgun Com., Ltd.
Length:     around 42 minutes

Track listing

1. Mr. & Mrs. Midge
2. A million seconds
3. She's a bobdy lan
4. We
5. If she was a cat
6. Hagebypiken
7. Starlike
8. World of more
9. You're sincere
10. Night writer
11. Fatal mistake


As you know, I've been dating this girl Resa for a year or so and it was getting kind of serious. I really believed we could be together forever (Mr. & Mrs. Midge and We) and I couldn't really be without her for long (about A million seconds). Anyway, I was getting less and less secure about the whole relationship and I started looking for joy elsewhere, too. We were fighting over bullshite really often, it started as a tiny argument once a month but it evolved into loud rows nearly every other day. This is what Starlike is about (only the roles are switched in parts because I was the withdrawn one). In the end, I felt that the romance was falling apart, even though I expressed a lot of enthusiasm and optimism in You're sincere (the song itself isn't very sincere, you can tell by the fact it's a rock n' roll).

Hagebypiken (a Garden CIty girl, a girl from the Garden City in Norwegian) is a song which doesn't have anything to do with the rest, it's about a girl I used to see in a bus to school - and never had enough balls to say hello. World of more is one of the few utopian songs I did (something similar can be seen in Cloudy sky tonight), it was probably done under influence of "The morning of the magicians" which is a book I highly reccomend. To everyone.


Just like the relationship between us, the sound started to fall apart. Gone was the sound of heavy pop as I was approaching the gates of disco. You can really see the progress. In Mr. & Mrs. Midge (which is by the way influenced by Maroon 5's Makes me wonder in terms of sound and Kaizers Orchestra's Knekker deg til sist in terms of feel) I used a lot of hi-gain guitar and a sped up riff in the end. A million second features an Imagine-like piano and it's also the last song recorded with Bay Curtiss. As I was listening to Queen a lot at that time, I incorporated a Brian-May-style guitar track into We. Then we go to Hagebypiken with a significant little solo played though some kind of destructive fuzz effect and then to If she was a cat which is like a shy invitation to Night writer, a heavy dance song, and finally - Fatal mistake, the pure disco.


We is one of the two lonely song which completely lack a drum track, surrounded by an album which features drums in every song (the other being Trancer on "Handfuls of character"). If she was a cat gets progressively faster - the digital speeding up caused phasing just in the middle of the song. In Hagebypiken, I was helped by Kate Johnsson like this: "I'm stuck here." "Oh, let me see... put a unicorn in there." The initial letters of Starlike's verses (at least until the chorus, but even then you can see some traces) form Resa's real name, Tereza Klusackova. Night writer is a pun on the cult 80's series - Knight Rider, the song ends with a slightly rearranged theme of this icon. I've been having Fatal mistake in my head for at least five years before finishing it for this album.