Lyrics and a bit more

31/08/2011 20:03

Well, the new Against the effluxion design is here. I've released the first single: Bibi / I want to make love to you (hopefully coming soon in the Audio/Video section). But the reason I came here is the brand new Lyrics section. Unfortunately, there isn't anything interesting about it, except for them lyrics. I wonder how many lyrics I've actually written. So far the database couns some ten songs, but I'm adding another every minute (literally, the Internet connection is wicked slow in here). Come back in few days time and read them all.

And what else follows? The music video to Bibi, although it will be delayed. What will centainly not be delayed, is the second single A letter to heal / Sonnet! (If you're reading this, congratulations, you're among the first to know.) And then the second music video and then finally the (in)famous Against the effluxion Release Party! Like me and there will be more to like.