Since yesteday it still hasn't stopped raining
no need to say the present day already passed away
despite these conditions I feel my heart is draining
me skin's wet to the skin I can't hide me head from the rain

I crawled last night
what life means I know
I saw last night
what life means, I'll go

The needle slowly runs through grooves, the deck is singing
the tears are running down and fall into a whiskey glass
and when we're sure we're alone to my shoulder she's clinging
she smells of strawberries, I can't wait to confess

I strived last night
with myself and I won
I cried last night
'cause that self has gone.

Unbutton your shirt
what a beautiful piece of art
I'll sign my name right here
for you've got me close to your heart

Her boots timidly tread onto thin ice cracking below
she just wanted to enjoy this year's first snow
feel free to spread your love if you wanna show
because we've got only little time to vitalise your ego
we two blundered away our chance for a better life
our souls departed to the place where cannot be revived
do you need any other way to show you how much I regret
that we deliberately aquiesced that our love is dead?

Now she's a woman but in my mind
she's still the baby, I was so blind