Home Alone

I am so cold and I wanna holt you tight
I need to feel your gentle hand tonight
What would you do if I put my arms around you?
Will you be amazed if I start to kiss your face?

Please, let me hug your waist
(can't be the second)
you know that I cannot waste
(not even a second)
I crave for stroking your cheeks
for such long and lonely weeks

I'll be there a bit bare
Ooh ooh yeh ee yeh yeah

And if you risk lending me your kiss
it feel like one short moment bliss
then I am beconming so sad

You always try to understand
but you rather drive me round the bend
Do you think that I will be glad
to be home when alone?

Ooh ooh yeh ee yeh yeah
Don't wanna be home alone, yeah