Home Alone

Home Alone

Basic information

Released: Sometime around October 2006
Label:        Shotgun Com. (under license to EMI Records)
Length:     53:06


After two years spent in love with a girl who never showed any signs of attention I started being sort of pessimistic about future which is I think audible in this album. On the other hand, the lyrics are quite positive in most of the songs. Only Home Alone is rather sad, this is maybe what makes it such a unique song (apart from the extreme wide stereo effect used also in Comes on my mind and the beatlesque yeahs at the end).

Another rather sad song is She won't but it doesn't count in because it was written more that a year before the other one. And also the very last one, Heartcore, which is by the way a very good song. I even wanted to call the album "Heartcore" but then I realised that it might suggest I turned to hard core (which I didn't). The reason why I suddenly started to sound this depressive was alcohol that I started to drink aroud that time. And adolescence, too, I guess.

Track listing

1. Comes on my mind (4:25)

2. Phone on (2:20)

3. If the time has come (2:21)

4. Never coming back (3:22)

5. Trancer (4:00)

6. Cloudy sky tonight (3:58)

7. Home Alone (3:23)

8. She won't (4:03)

9. Leave it behind (3:54)

10. Now and forever (1:14)

11. The 1st (4:50)

12. Between your breasts (3:19)

13. Voices of my youth (2:31)

14. I will be back (4:42)

15. Petroslav's voice must be alrite (0:32)

16. Heartcore (4:14)

Music and lyrics

Like I said, "Home Alone" saw the birth of heavy pop. It is a genre that combine to rhythmic liveliness of the Beatles combined with effects that seemingly don't fit. Because, you know, in a fast song with distorted guitars, you wouldn't use long reverbs and echoes. But I did. And on the other hand, in a pop song you wouldn't expect wide stereo and experimenting with variable speed (Voices of my youth) or even reversing the whole lead solo (Cloudy sky tonight).

Unfortunately, at least that's what I think, this sound is very hard to recreate since I don't use any of the equipment I used back then anymore. It was the same cheap mic for everything, stupid delay which always caught feedback and started to loop, acoustic bass (I simply don't have it!) and other recording techniques which I used. Not that I considered them good - I just didn't know anything better. My biggest fear is that it isn't possible to record songs like these again because the sound wouldn't be the same - notice that none of the songs on Home Alone has a drum track and yet it doesn't sound like folk! But still... it's a challenge and I do want to go back to this sound in the future.


Interestingly, most of my songs are connected with certain memories, not necessarily connected with the act of composing. For example, I remember standing in freezing cold on a bus stop thinking "When something just comes on my mind". Also, I don't think I'll ever forget playing Home Alone live in front of me friends, drunken but happy. The 1st was inspired by a dream I once had. Just like I will be back has got a sister song - Never coming back, there was also a sis song for Between your breasts. It wasn't called Between your thighs as you might think, I actually don't remember the title anymore, all I know is that it was something about chopping me head off.