Handfuls of Character

Handfuls of Character

Basic information

Released:    April 10, 2010
Label:         Shotgun Com., Ltd. (#0012)
Length:       42:04

Track listing

1. Handfuls of character (4:10)
2. Woman (4:00)
3. Trip (5:47)
4. When CDs killed the music (3:35)
5. Meth romance (4:40)
6. She loves cock (3:32)
7. Nothing in my life (3:45)
8.  Days and nights  (3:21)
9. Trancer (4:47)
10. Poker face (4:34)


It was already in 2008 when, after one year, my relationship with Resa started to fall apart. In 2009 my heart was torn into pieces. I fell for a girl I knew from school but I got her soon out of my mind, since I was friends with her boyfriend (see, Handfuls of character!). But the true inspiration for this album was actually Mary Sue (again). After one late night whiskey influenced conversation we talked and agreed we should have been together till we wanted. "Now I've got a boyfriend, so maybe in a few years, again, we can try..." she said. But I couldn't wait anymore (Days and nights) because I wanted her (now that she revealed she did want to be with me).

I suffered from one-sided love to Mary Sue again. I tried to convince myself that I could handle it. I wanted to give her up just like I once did but I couldn't (and not only from regrets expressed in Woman). I told her I wanted to date her once again and this time for real and this time it worked, though only for a couple of days til she said she wasn't ready for a relationship. Out of sorrow (and duty I felt to Resa after breaking up with her after promising I will record the song again) I put Trancer on the album. Other song are rather unrelated my to the story of my life even though I had Resa in mind when writing She loves cock.


In terms of sound, this album doesn't bring up anything new and that's why I don't like it very much. Apart from the fact that there are only eight new songs (from which two I've been having in mind for a couple of years) I also think that it has gone too far from the heavy pop sound (again, this doesn't really apply to Woman, since it has been nearly-written back in 2005). It is just a pop album combining, in my opinion, too many different styles. Okay, maybe it's mor mastered when it comes to sampling, maybe work with equalisation and compression is slightly better, but otherwise the album must be one of the worst I ever made.


The cover of the album consists of a photo of a half-naked woman covering her breasts with hands with many small photos of several girls' faces (they are the girls I dated or wanted to date). It correspondents with the title. "Handfuls of character" is a wordplay a friend of mine came up with. He was trying to say, in a noble manner, that the girl I was writing the song about has got beatufil big boobs. In Czech, "character" is often used as a symbolic euphemism for breasts. All confused by the sight, he said: "Oh, look at her! She's got some character! Handfuls of character." (I never knew if the "handfuls" was misspelled deliberately or he was too busy thinking about her character...)