Doctor D


I have known this tickling feeling for so long
but I've always tried to persuade meself I've been wrong
as if all the world was against me
At school they feed me bullshite that me hairstyle's a mess
that I better not touch them beauties of the girl named Bess
her baps are among the best you'll ever see

You should see her jugs filling as the milks her cow
the way she wipes her sweat just makes me gow 'ow!'
Look, I don't even care if you don't think she's the right for me
Right now she's the only I can see

Doctor D, how am I supposed to choose
between the lolipop I got from you
and the rose I dyed black like my hair?
See, I changed I a lot since you're not there

I don't need no driver's license, I just want a big car
And let me play me guitar loud and I will go far
Light a candle if you think it helps
so I'm allowed to take drugs if you want me to
half o' money I deserve I give to you
I'll THINK myself and you think for yourselves.

It's like Molotov cocktail on yer revved up engine
burning my beliefs in the blaze of aging
I'm no Michael Leeders I can have my dreams
Relationship's not always what it seams