Coming Soon

Went to work today
woke up a bit late
snow fell down out there
and my girlfriend doesn't care

When I ride the waves
of the life that someone saves
and she saves someone else
then I just hope that he cares

I'll give you a ring and you've got to choose
'cause in your heart I don't wanna lose
If I win I'll go right after noon
before it gets dark I'll be coming soon

If you refuse to wear it there's nothing I can do
wait until I write to you but don't let me down
the days when we were younger to the haze they flew
and I just watched them going though that I was around

I put all my faith in you (unfaithful you're becoming)
sometimes I feel I'm wasting my words ('cause there's no reply)
Tell me what you need and I'll get you or die trying
'Cause you don't give a fuck and that's what you can't deny

I'll get you a ring (please don't be cold)
so take a chance (and don't be rude)
that's why I can't sing (it's not my fault)
and I only dance (I'm coming soon)