Doctor D

22/10/2012 16:17

That is how my newest single is called. But let's take it from the beggining. After more than a year I'm coming back to Webnode to renew this page again. It will guide you through Misfortune Teller, I don't want you to miss anything. I even learned HTML and CSS to make it even more comfortable to you (and also, the templates by Webnode are beautiful but withnout knowing a programming language you're destined not to change it at all). And now back to the album. Doctor D is out so be sure to check the video below (for which I also made meself a Vimeo account), this is the link to the download of the full song for free and lastly, since I know many of you keep asking me about it, you can read the lyrics here. And now let me go back to work on the rest of the album, take care!




Johnny Midgey - Doctor D from Johnny Midgey on Vimeo.