Alive and well

19/11/2012 19:36

Okay, the second single is out. There is a lot more to it - I'm in a new band (which is actually the same old band but now it's me who's the frontman). The reason I'm saying this is that we're gonna play this tune, among others, hopefully as soon as possible, which means before Christmas. Should you like to visit our page, it is here. Anyway, let's go back here. Alive and well, my favourite song on the album, can be downloaded and commented on on Soundcloud. To keep Webnode growing and to compensate my poor pronunciation, here I provide you with the   lyrics   (drawing the attention from my lisping to a questionable syntax in the second verse). Lastly, you can watch the video of me playing a real piano really bad. But hey, that's what Kejnos is here for.

Johnny Midgey - Alive and well from Johnny Midgey on Vimeo.