About emo and other things

04/08/2011 23:57

So, it's finally here. Just a little heads up. Emoplate was finally renamed to its ultimate title, Against the effluxion. Also, currently I am working on the new design to this page (which will be used on YouTube as well) using the photos we made with Arthur Harris. (By the way, check out this feller!) The problem is that Webnode seems to be Against the midgey because I can't change the most important feature - picture of me in the header.

Furtermore, I'm working as hard as I can on mastering the songs (so far two are ready, ten more to go). And before I write an article about TRIBUTE to The Beatles, let me tell you my personal news. It sounds weird but still so good: I've got a new girlfriend ans she's wicked groovy. No, this sounds pervert. But we love each other and she helped me choose what to wear to promote myself correctly. So lets hope she'll stay with me as long as possible to keep me... you know, look good. Stay tuned for more rock and roll!