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I need a mistress

13/12/2012 23:03
But seriously, I need one. I need a mistress (read lyrics here) is a song I wrote about a year ago when I felt that I and my girlfriend were sliding into stereotype (I really think I already used these words somewhere earlier). At that time, I thought 'Hell, if I had a mistress, how easy...

Alive and well

19/11/2012 19:36
Okay, the second single is out. There is a lot more to it - I'm in a new band (which is actually the same old band but now it's me who's the frontman). The reason I'm saying this is that we're gonna play this tune, among others, hopefully as soon as possible, which means before Christmas. Should...

Doctor D

22/10/2012 16:17
That is how my newest single is called. But let's take it from the beggining. After more than a year I'm coming back to Webnode to renew this page again. It will guide you through Misfortune Teller, I don't want you to miss anything. I even learned HTML and CSS to make it even more comfortable to...

Lyrics and a bit more

31/08/2011 20:03
Well, the new Against the effluxion design is here. I've released the first single: Bibi / I want to make love to you (hopefully coming soon in the Audio/Video section). But the reason I came here is the brand new Lyrics section. Unfortunately, there isn't anything interesting about it, except...

About emo and other things

04/08/2011 23:57
So, it's finally here. Just a little heads up. Emoplate was finally renamed to its ultimate title, Against the effluxion. Also, currently I am working on the new design to this page (which will be used on YouTube as well) using the photos we made with Arthur Harris. (By the way, check out this...

The new website launched

29/01/2011 09:59
 Well, not really a website. Not really lauched and not new at all. Because this site was launched some two years ago, I just made it work again. This time, there won't be so many articles, unless I've got really lot to say. Czech visitors know everything about me from...

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